What we offer

It´s all about skills

eSkills.dk is a new business focusing on developing eskills (it-færdigheder) in Denmark and across the EU.

eSkills.dk is a small business that can offer you services on a high level by activating our network in Denmark and across Europe. In our network we hold people with many years of professional experience. We aim to offer on very competetive rates.

We are able to offer assistance within the fields of:

Project Management

eSkills.dk has a network of experienced Project Managers that has served in companies like IBM, KMD and others.

Project mangagement is delivered on ”Time-and-Material” basis and is offered on shorter as well as longer assignments.

EU applications and impact reports

eSkills.dk can offer consultants that have years of experience in EU projects - from applications to final reports.


eSkills.dk has worked with several private foundations in providing funds for projects. We have also experience in getting funds from Government.

Organizing events

From smaller half days events to bigger public events with houndreds of participants, eSkills.dk knows how to organize.

Robot Competitions

Do you need something to attract attention to your exhibition pitch, an event or to teambuilding activities? What about a robot competition or even a real Zumo wrestling match between Lego Robots?


With more that 30 years of sales experience, eSkills.dk can offer you support in developing proposals, make win plans and negociate contracts on C-level niveau.

ICT professionals

Due to eSkills.dk´s huge network, we will be able to find highly skilled ICT professionels in almost all areas. Try us!


Feel free to contact Nils Ole Klejnstrup on

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