About us

eSkills.dk is working to provide more and better resources to the ICT Industry

While Europe currently experiences massive unemployment, technology companies face a critical shortfall of talented ICT experts. This contradictory picture reveals a mismatch between the skills on offer and those in demand in today's fast developing technology market. As a result, Europe might face a shortage of up to 900,000 ICT professionals by 2020, thereby risking its potential for growth and digital competitiveness.

At the same time, it is becoming more and more difficult to predict the eskills that we need in the future.

The people behind eSkills.dk have been involved in discussions and initiatives focused on development of eskills for many years, and we are devoted to do a difference in the future.

eSkills.dk  focus on 4 areas:


1.     Long term: Attract young people to study science and technology

The people behind eSkills.dk have several years of experience with flagging STEM education for young student in primary and secondary schools. We have organized national and international events for FIRST LEGO League (FLL) and World Robot Olympiad (WRO).

In previous jobs we have been the national organizers behind the EU Campaign: eSkills Week in 2010, 2012 and eSkills for Jobs in 2014 (from where we have taken our name).

From the inception of eSkills.dk this focus area has been of highest priority and we have already partnered with businesses, municipalities, organizations and the academic world.

     Long term: Attract women to ICT studies and a career in the ICT industry

Women and technology is an issue at the heart of eSkills.dk. For more than a decade we have been involved in projects like “Girls and Technology”, “ICT camp for Girls” and similar initatives. It is in part for this reason that eSkills.dk has been appointed National Point of Contact for the “European Centre for Women and Technology”.

Young women are the best skilled reserve for more people in the ECT industry.

3.     Short term: Upgrading of qualifications in the existing work force
Times are changing faster than ever. New technologies are emerging constantly and ways of working are evolving. As a result, we must all update our qualifications all the time. Lifelong learning is key and therefore we need access to elearning that offers  us the qualifications that we need, as well as training in new technology when we need it and where we need it.

These needs are global and eSkills.dk is involved in projects that, on a European level, try to offer new ways to meet them.


4.     Short term: Re-employ seniors on a part time basis
Many thousands of high skilled professionals, such as IT architects, Project Managers, DataBase specialist and others, have been forced to take early retirement from many of the big ICT companies. These people have  unique experience with and understanding of technology, complicated projects and implementations. They have been made redundant in cost cuts or by outsourcing their jobs even though they still have so much to offer companies and society – and they want to be used.

eSkills.dk offers the services of these high skilled ICT professionals at a very competitive price and for shorter as well as longer assignments. Contact us for a good offer!